lunes, 11 de enero de 2010

Barefoot Cinderella 6

Her parents were worrying more than ever,

“Something is wrong with our little princess,” said the king

“I know” replied the queen “Her weight is see- sawing, she did hardly any official engagements and now she is leaving me redundant by offering to do so much. I knew that renouncing the fairy godmother to prove how modern she is would lead her to unhappiness. I must speak to her.”

When the queen arrived at the princess’ chambers she said,
“Well” in a tone that only mothers can use with their daughters. The princess sat in silence, studiously avoiding her mother’s gaze twisting her rings around her fingers, finally the princess spoke.

With her suspicions finally confirmed having heard the truth from her daughter, the queen’s parting words were you have only one choice.

“I’ll sleep on it” she replied, as they hugged each other, the princess felt the diminished tension in her mother, she finally fell into a deep restful sleep.

Bathing in peace the following morning, the princess spoke out loud to herself declaring,

“I must stay loyal to my modernity”

“Oh no you’re not. Said a voice ,
“I can’t stand watching you suffer anymore. The first sensible thing you’ve done since you began on this happiness quest was talk your mother.”
“Who are you? What are you doing here?” as the princess wrapped herself in her bathrobe while searching for the owner of the voice.
“I’m you fairy godmother.”
“Oh no”, groaned the princess. “I didn’t call you.”

She beheld a gossamer cloud. An outline forced her to focus and she became aware of the muted presence of an older woman. Beautiful and elegantly attired in a silver silk trouser suit, in the lapel was a wand shaped brooch, the diamonds sparkled, her eyes even more.

“You don’t look like a fairy godmother

“Fairy godmothers have a right to become modern too.”

She carefully removed her jacket, revealing a lighter coloured blouse of the same shimmering material; the buttons were smaller versions of the brooch.

“My shoulder pads are in fact my wing holders”,

and on cue her wings appeared as she smiled mischievously.

“Modern transport and communications make my life a lot easier. On line dating well it was a piece of cake. I need my energy to keep all you princes and princesses out of the gossip columns.”

The princess interrupted as it dawned on her,

“You mean!”she questioned,

“Yes you are an ideal match; you both wanted it to be up-to-the-minute so we got you together the modern way. The problem was neither of you had the courage to fess up you both let the play acting go on too long.

“I know, I know” sighed the princess “I’ve said if only so often “.

“All this modern stuff paf piffle”, while moving her hands like an opera diva,

“Life is much simpler. Look at your own experience. You set out to find happiness and you ended up being unhappier than you have ever been”

“And I can’t even think of a way to get in touch with him.”

“Be patient. I am you fairy godmother “

“What does that means you’ll wave your wand and I’ll be going up the aisle”

“I said be patient but you must realise some things first. To understand real happiness you must first have understood what unhappiness is”

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