viernes, 1 de enero de 2010

Barefoot Cinderella 2

The princess was glad to leave the beauty therapy centre, the therapies had been wonderful, who couldn’t relax after aromatherapy massages and meditation, nevertheless many of the people had been tedious, obsessed with image and the latest diet craze. The fairy godmother option would have been quicker easier and not so boring however she was determined to stick to her guns.

Finally she pulled up at her town house base and without further ado checked her email. There were three possible matches. Nervously she clicked on confirm and waited for the when where details.

The first date was a pea pushing across the plate session as the chat sputtered but never took flight into conversation. The second date couldn’t stop talking on and on; he was totally in love with himself. “Kissing the odd frog wouldn’t have been so bad after all” she mused.

She had arranged to meet the third date in the museum restaurant for lunch. If things got heavy-going she would suggest wandering round the museum. There was a special exhibition she wanted to see on Fairy Folklore.

Fortunately, all the forward planning proved to be unnecessary. Conversation over lunch had been effortless. Both had found the exhibition better than anticipated and over afternoon tea which ran into supper they sat together laughing and chatting trading anecdotes and exchanging world views.

During the flowing months they blossomed in each other’s company their tastes were similar, wide and very far ranging. At Christmas saw they attended Sleeping beauty. The prince began chatting over supper after the ballet,

“That’s the first time I’ve been to the ballet. I enjoyed it more than I expected.”

“I love music and dance I always wanted to do ballet like all little girls but it never happened”

“What I liked most was it reminded me of our first date the exhibition. All those fairy princesses wouldn’t that make life easier” he teased

The princess panicked was he prying? Did he suspect’ trying to control her nerves while diverting the conversation.

“Well if you enjoyed it perhaps we could go and see some contemporary ballet.”

“What’s the difference?

The princess explained

“In Classical the same steps are always used in the same way in contemporary ballet classical steps are used in freestyle. Its more creative as it is the choreographer’s interpretation.”

“Later on perhaps when something unusual comes along, I’d love to go to Africa to do a photo safari”, said the prince

“Me too,” affirmed the princess and as always conversation flowed.

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